Snellville to add left-turn signals

SNELLVILLE - Two intersections have become safer in Snellville, after crews installed turn signals at key spots along U.S. Highway 78, including one in front of the city's new municipal complex.

City Manager Jeff Timler said the signals were installed Thursday on Oak Road and Rockdale Circle. Both have become more dangerous recently because of development.

In fact, Timler said officials did traffic counts at the Oak Road intersection last summer but found it did not have enough traffic to warrant the signal.

But in December, the city government moved into a new City Hall at the location and a senior center opened.

The repeated traffic count - this time with school in session - said a signal is needed.

"I get more complaints about that intersection than anything else in Snellville," Timler said. "We've been working on that one for a year, and we knew it was getting worse when we moved here."

Sen. Don Balfour helped convince the Georgia Department of Transportation of the need for the signal at Oak as well as Rockdale Circle, where a new shopping center recently opened.

"It is important that we do what we can to make Snellville safe, and I feel sure these traffic lights will make an enormous difference in the lives of the people who travel through Snellville each day," he said.

The Rockdale Circle location was the site of a deadly car accident and is where the city has placed red-light cameras to make it safer.

"The intersection at U.S. 78 and Rockdale Circle is the deadliest intersection in Snellville," Councilman Bruce Garraway said. "Putting these left-turn signals up will save countless lives and millions of dollars in hospital bills and car repairs. They also will relieve massive congestion that has become a problem over the past decade."