Robbers target apartments

•LAWRENCEVILLE - A series of armed robberies were reported in two apartment complexes this week in Lawrenceville.

Police spoke to three Hispanic men at Sweetwater Glenn and Gwinnett Place Apartments on Monday night who all described being robbed by a group of six or seven men, according to a police report.

In all of the cases, one of the suspects pointed a gun at the man and demanded all his money. The victims handed over wallets containing between $200 and $800, and their Mexican IDs. Two of them were struck and knocked down by some of the suspects in the group.

The gunman actually shot one of the victims at Gwinnett Place Apartments, but his realistic looking firearm turned out to be a BB gun.

The victims described most of the suspects as being black teenagers, all wearing all black, and one of them was a white male.

Men robbed

in parking lot

•NORCROSS - Three men were robbed at gunpoint this week when they tried to buy computer hardware from the back of a car.

They were leaving Manchurian Garden, a Chinese restaurant in Norcross, when two men approached them and asked if they were interested in buying some computer equipment, a police report said. They opened up the trunk of their car to show them the merchandise.

While the victims were looking at the various pieces of equipment, one of the suspects pulled a gun out from his belt and demanded they give him their money.

The victims handed over their approximately $500 in cash, and the suspects took off in their Audi SUV. One of the victims got in his car and tried to follow them, but didn't succeed, the report said.

They spotted a nearby police car, and told the officer about the armed robbery. They described the first suspect as a young white man, about 5'7" and 230 pounds. The second suspect they described as a young black man, about 6'0" and 190 pounds.

- From staff reports