Kidnapping victim forced to buy Rolex

NORCROSS - Police are looking for a suspect who this week kidnapped a Suwanee real estate agent by pretending to be a prospective buyer.

The 27-year-old woman told police she met a man at work, when he pretended to want to buy a condominium. While they were a conference room alone, he produced a knife, pressed it against her side and showed her a handgun in his waistband. He told her if he didn't go with her, he would kill everyone in the business, a police report said.

After forcing her to withdraw money, he took her to Carnegie Jewelers in the Forum Shopping Center.

They walked into the jewelry store, holding hands tightly, and asked if they could look at the diamond necklaces. Then they wanted to see the Rolex watches, said the sales associate, 26-year-old Julie Oh. She showed them a $5,000 watch, and then a $7,000 one.

"When they walked in, they were holding hands and said they were a couple," Oh said. "They looked really serious though, they never smiled or anything. They never talked to each other."

He encouraged her to buy a $7,500 Rolex. When Oh rang up the order, the woman handed over an American Express credit card. She asked to see her ID, which the suspect had in his pocket.

They left in a silver 2004 Acura TL. Oh immediately called a mall security guard, who in turn called police.

"They looked really suspicious because of the way they were holding hands," Oh said. "She looked really frightened."

Police contacted the victim's husband, who told them he didn't know where his wife was, and that it wasn't likely she would buy a $7,500 piece of jewelry. He wasn't able to reach his wife on her cell phone. When he did get in touch with her, she told him she had been kidnapped, but was now released.

The woman told police the suspect had taken her to the BB&T ATM near her workplace, and forced her to get emergency PIN numbers for credit card cash advances and withdraw $1,500 from the ATM.

After the jewelry purchase, the suspect had dropped her off at an Eckerd drug store in Atlanta, according to Detective E.J. Ritter, spokesman for the Gwinnett County Police Department. He told her not to do anything for 20 minutes, or another suspect would shoot her with a rifle, according to the report.

To prove his point, he honked once, and another black car in the lot honked. When he honked twice, the other car followed suit. She waited the 20 minutes before driving to another parking lot and meeting with police.

The woman described the suspect as a 6-foot-tall black man, 200 pounds, wearing a black cap, all black outfit and dark glasses. He is mid-30s to early 40s with a heavy build and an Omega tattoo on his right arm.