Landlord says surveillance camera

in tenant's room for his safety

•NORCROSS - Police found that a Norcross landlord had hooked up a camera in a tenant's air vent to observe her activities.

The 58-year-old landlord called the police and said he wanted them to escort him to his home because he was afraid of his 35-year-old tenant, a police report said. He said she had threatened him earlier in the morning, but could not specify how.

Upon questioning both of them, police found that he had placed a camera in her bedroom air vent and that he had run cabling from her room to his own. He said he had put it there to catch her using illegal drugs because he said she had a history of drug use and other criminal activity.

He also told police he was concerned about her safety. The landlord said he had put several security cameras outside of the residence to record some of the suspicious people she was bringing home.

Police were unable to determine if he had ever finished installing the camera. They told the tenant she should obtain a warrant and a protective restraining order, the report said. They also advised him on the eviction process.

Teens rob Norcross taxi driver

•NORCROSS - Two teenage customers robbed a Norcross taxi driver on Saturday night, according to a police report.

With his niece translating for him, the 40-year-old victim told police someone had called him to tell him to pick up his friends. He picked the teenagers up at a residence on Liberty Hill Drive in Norcross and drove them to a T-Mobile store, and then back to the residence.

When they got back, one of the suspects pulled a gun on the taxi driver and told him to "give me money," the report said. When he saw the taxi driver didn't have much cash, he demanded his cell phone as well. Both of them then fled on foot behind the house.

The victim described the suspects as 15- or 16-year-old light-skinned black males. He said one of them had short hair and braces, and the other had long black hair.

Pizza Hut deliveryman robbed

•LAWRENCEVILLE - A Pizza Hut employee was robbed last week in Lawrenceville while trying to deliver a pizza.

The 42-year-old victim told police he was robbed by four people at 11:30 p.m. on Thursday night. He had been walking to a building in the Sweetwater Glen apartment complex to drop off a delivery order. A man and a woman approached him and acted like they were going to pay for the pizza, a report said.

He said that two men then grabbed him from behind, put a knife to his neck and took $70 from him. They also took the pizza.

- From staff reports