Delta to pass along fees, hike prices on some flights

•ATLANTA - Delta Air Lines Inc., which is operating under bankruptcy protection, said Friday that roundtrip ticket prices will rise as much as $9 on some flights because it will be passing along certain fees to customers that it previously paid for itself.

The nation's third-largest carrier said it has traditionally absorbed passenger facility charges, but wants to recoup a portion of the costs by adding $3 to $4.50 each way to ticket prices for certain connecting flights within the United States.

Such fees are imposed by local airports to pay for improvements.

U.S. sets deadline for free trade deals with Honduras and Nicaragua

•WASHINGTON - A free trade agreement with Honduras and Nicaragua will take effect Saturday, the Bush administration says.

Those two nations will join El Salvador as countries that have fully implemented the requirements needed to make the Central American Free Trade Agreement operational.

The deal is designed to eliminate trade barriers among the participating countries and is part of the administration's push to strike free trade deals with nations around the world as a way of boosting American exports.

- From wire reports