Berkeley Lake to vote on liquor sales

BERKELEY LAKE - Residents of Berkeley Lake will get the chance in November to decide whether to allow liquor by the drink sales for on-premises consumption. The special election is scheduled for Nov. 8 and will be held at Berkeley Lake City Hall.

"We haven't heard any citizen objections to this, probably because of the location of the future restaurant," City Clerk Jackie Wall said. The location, according to Wall, is at the edge of the city at N. Berkeley Lake Road and Pleasant Hill Road in a planned development called Berkeley Village.

"It will probably be at least a year or two before a restaurant that would sell liquor by the drink would come to Berkeley Village, but since we only hold elections every two years, we thought it would be best to go ahead and vote on it now," Wall said.

Mayor asks for cooperation

Mayor Lois Salter asked council members for their cooperation in facilitating "efficient and effective" meetings. Salter said one of the things the council can do toward that end is to read and respond to meeting minutes and financial reports before council meetings, not during.

Salter also asked that substantive issues be considered and prepared before meetings and that all council members be made aware of such issues before council meetings commence. Salter asked that council members speak and deal with each other without animosity in order to better serve the city.

New Web site to be unveiled

In about two weeks, the new Berkeley Lake official city Web site will be up and running.

"The new site will be easier to navigate, and city documents and communications will be easier to access," Wall said.