Two killed in collision and shooting


Associated Press Writer

ACWORTH, Ga. (AP) - A woman was killed in an accident during an alleged carjacking and a suspect was shot dead by a bystander while attempting to flee from the scene Monday, police said.

The woman died when a cement truck hit the SUV she and her suspected carjacker were riding in. The alleged carjacker was then shot by a man who had the witnessed the crash, Cobb County police said.

Witnesses said the woman - identified as Kimberly Boyd, 30, of Acworth - was carjacked in her white Toyota Sequoia at about 9:30 a.m. along Cobb Parkway near Acworth, police said.

The suspect drove the SUV south about two miles and then tried to make a left turn when the SUV was broadsided by an oncoming cement truck, police said. The woman, in the passenger seat, was killed instantly.

The suspect was killed by a man who had driven up in a black pick-up truck, said Dana Pierce, a Cobb County police spokesman. The man - identified as Shawn Roberts of Acworth - said he saw the suspect strike the woman and drive erratically, Pierce said. He also saw the suspect emerge from the Sequoia carrying a handgun, he said.

Roberts was questioned by police and released.

The name of the suspect was not immediately released.

Acworth is about 30 miles northwest of Atlanta.