Halloween commute could get a bit scary

LAWRENCEVILLE - The Monday evening commute could be hairier than usual as drivers try to get home early so they can take the little ones trick-or-treating, according to those who track rush-hour activities.

The additional delay is caused by motorists hitting the road all at once instead of leaving work in waves over several hours, said Michael Halicki, a spokesman for The Clean Air Campaign.

"Like other holidays, with Halloween everyone wants to get home at the same time, so you have this onslaught hitting the roads just before dusk," said Halicki, who suggested commuters take the bus, carpool or work from home if possible.

Because of the rush to get home, gridlock usually intensifies on the last workday before a holiday, including Thanksgiving and Christmas, said Georgia Department of Transportation spokesman David Spear.

"This will also be the first workday after the time change takes effect, so it will be getting darker sooner on people," Spear said.

"They should be careful, especially with kids out there wearing masks that restrict their vision."