Defense team in Saddam trial demands security

BAGHDAD, Iraq - The body of a lawyer in Saddam Hussein's trial was found dumped in the street with two bullet wounds in the head hours after gunmen dressed as security forces took him from his office. A fearful defense demanded Friday that the trial be delayed or moved out of Iraq.

Four American service members were killed in insurgent attacks, edging the total number of U.S. military deaths near 2,000 since the start of the war.

Iraq reports 63 percent turnout in referendum

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Sixty-three percent of Iraq's 15.5 million registered voters cast their ballots in last weekend's constitutional referendum, at least three percentage points higher than in January's parliamentary elections, the electoral commission said


The highest turnout - 90 percent - was recorded in the northern Kurdish province of Irbil. The lowest was in the Sunni Arab province of Anbar, a hotbed of Iraq's 21D2-year-old insurgency, with 32 percent.

Irish reporter tells of his 36-hour Baghdad abduction

DUBLIN, Ireland - An Irish reporter who was abducted by Shiite extremists in Baghdad and freed 36 hours later said Friday he had braced himself for the prospect of months in captivity - or a beheading.

Rory Carroll, a correspondent for The Guardian newspaper of Britain, told Ireland's RTE state broadcasters he owed his speedy salvation to Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Chalabi, who brokered a deal for his release.

Carroll, 33, said Chalabi informed him that his Irish nationality may have saved his life. He said the gang who took him had wanted a Briton.

Queen leads British commemoration of 200th anniversary of Trafalgar battle

PORTSMOUTH, England - With the sun setting over this faded port city, Queen Elizabeth II lit a beacon Friday to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar, in which Britain's Royal Navy defeated the French and Spanish fleets and cemented its naval supremacy for the next century.

Bells tolled aboard British vessels around the world and wreaths were laid at the site of the battle off Cape Trafalgar in southwestern Spain. In the port city of Cadiz, descendants of sailors who fought in the battle joined military leaders to pay homage to the 7,000 who died in the fighting.

Police find body of alleged mastermind of massive heist

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil - The bullet-riddled body of the suspected mastermind of one of the world's biggest bank robberies, a $70 million heist from a branch of Brazil's Central Bank, has been found on an isolated road west of Rio de Janeiro, police said Friday.

The body of Luis Fernando Ribeiro, 26, was found Oct. 9 near Camanducaia, a town about 200 miles west of Rio de Janeiro, said a Minas Gerais state police officer who identified himself as Cpl. Leonino.

Inspectors trapped onboard Russian trawler considered jumping overboard

OSLO, Norway - Two Norwegian coast guard inspectors who were trapped aboard a Russian fishing trawler that fled toward home after its crew was accused of fishing illegally off Norway said Friday they had considered jumping into the frigid Arctic Ocean to escape.

Richard Storaas, 38, and trainee Henning Thune, 19, spent five days aboard the trawler Elektron as it was chased by a Norwegian coast guard cutter during a storm in the Barents Sea.

Italian police arrest 58 in crackdown on organized crime

ROME - Police said Friday they had arrested scores of people across Europe in a crackdown on organized crime, days after a local politician was fatally shot at an Italian polling station in a suspected mob hit.

A total of 58 people were arrested and charged with drug trafficking over two days in Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Serbia-Montenegro, police said. Three others were arrested in the southern Calabria region of Italy for their alleged role in the 2004 murder of 'ndrangheta crime syndicate boss Antonio Dragone, police said.

Car bomb kills deputy police chief of Afghan region

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - Suspected Taliban rebels detonated a car bomb near a mosque in southern Afghanistan, killing a deputy provincial police chief and one of his bodyguards, while an aid worker and an intelligence agent were slain in other violence, officials said Friday.

Nafus Khan, the deputy police chief of Nimroz province, was parking his vehicle next to a mosque late Thursday in the regional capital, Zaranj, when he was killed by the car bomb, said Ghulam Dastaqir, the province's governor. One of his bodyguards was killed and another was


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