Film Fans are a bit let down by Crowe's 'Elizabethtown'

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2 stars

Although the plot and characters have been seen in many romantic comedies, "Elizabethtown" was a cute movie. I enjoyed the silliness and the giddiness, but there was nothing original about the film. While I prefer seeing movies on the big screen, the way the director intended for it to be seen, "Elizabethtown" is one of those pictures that will probably make more money in rentals than in box office receipts. "Elizabethtown" isn't a movie I would normally rush to see in the theater, but if I were in the video store and saw it, I'd more than likely rent it.

- Pedro E. Alvarado,


2 1/2 stars

I'm a huge fan of some of Cameron Crowe's movies - "Say Anything," "Almost Famous" - and I'd been looking forward to "Elizabethtown" since I saw the first trailer, so it was a big disappointment to be disappointed by the film.

There were three different plot lines - a derailed career, a funeral and a love story. The scenes focusing on Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst were great, and the scenes involving the funeral were touching and funny, but the vastly different plot lines felt like three separate movies squashed into one.

- Shelley Mann,