Man robbed at gunpoint

•LAWRENCEVILLE - A 24-year-old Lawrenceville man was robbed at gunpoint Saturday.

The victim and his girlfriend were at a gas station at Lawrenceville Highway and Pleasant Hill Road at 9:40 p.m. when they noticed a white car occupied by four black men.

The couple left the gas station and drove to the girlfriend's house. When they exited the car, they saw the same white vehicle had stopped at the end of the girlfriend's driveway. Two or three men got out, and one produced a gun, police reports said. The suspect stuck the gun in the victim's face and demanded money. The victim handed over his wallet and the men fled.

Woman turns in roommate

•DULUTH - An alleged drug dealer was arrested last week after his roommate came forward with incriminating information, according to a police report.

The roommate claimed 25-year-old Terrence Wyrick returned home Tuesday and accused her of stealing property from the freezer. Wyrick allegedly pistol-whipped her.

The victim tried to escape, but Wyrick allegedly chased her down in the complex and beat her again, threatening to kill her if she called police, the report said. Wyrick then made the roommate wash the blood from her body before allowing her to leave. The woman suffered large bruises, cuts and scratches on her head, the report said.

The victim immediately called police and told them Wyrick kept drugs in the freezer and refrigerator.

Officers raided the apartment and found marijuana, a digital scale and a loaded revolver. Wyrick was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and possession of marijuana. - From staff reports