Six Africans killed in clashes

MELILLA, Spain - Hundreds of desperate African immigrants rushed guard posts surrounding the Spanish enclave of Melilla, and the official Moroccan news agency reported Thursday that six Africans were killed in clashes with Moroccan security services. Spain then said it would send 70 Africans who arrived illegally from Morocco back to that country.

Trial opens for '82 Rome murder

ROME - Five people went on trial Thursday in the 1982 murder in London of Roberto Calvi, an Italian financier whose close ties to the Vatican earned him the nickname of ''God's banker.'' Calvi's body was found hanging from scaffolding beneath London's Blackfriars Bridge, his pockets stuffed with stones and cash, and police there initially ruled his death a suicide.

Aid arrives for storm victims

GUATEMALA CITY - Rescue workers dug through the muddy remains of landslides and helicopters ferried in aid Thursday as intermittent sunshine replaced five days of storms that have killed at least 171 people in Central America and Mexico. Officials feared the death toll would rise in Guatemala as authorities worked to find an estimated 200 people who were buried in a massive landslide in Solola, a town near Lake Atitlan, about 60 miles west of the capital, Guatemala City.

Activist says she was double agent

OSLO, Norway - A leading Norwegian pro-Palestinian activist said Thursday she infiltrated the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad as a double agent in the 1980s. A founding member of the Norwegian Palestine Committee, Karin Linstad said she decided to reveal her former role because she is being identified as an agent in the Norwegian book ''War and Diplomacy'' being published next week.

U.S. eyes Iran's nuclear programs

WASHINGTON - The Bush administration, searching for ways to induce Iran to resume negotiations to end its nuclear programs, is exploring a wide range of options. But expanded diplomatic contact is not among them. The administration considers Iran to be the most avid supporter of terrorism in the world.

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