Letters to the Editor

Responses to: "In war on terror, stakes too great for surrender" by Cal Thomas, Perspective, Nov. 22:

Withdrawing now would be foolish

All senators and representatives who call for immediate troop withdrawal from Iraq are unpatriotic and foolish.

We cannot allow the terrorists to think, even for one minute, that we are afraid or unwilling to do what it takes to win this war.

Pulling our troops out now, before the task is complete, will embolden them to take the war to us. They will see it as a sign from their god that they are in the right. We need the courage and bravery of the men and women who fought in World War II to help us stay the course. What would our Founding Fathers think of us if we allow those who voted for us to enter this war to become weak and unfocused and pull our troops out now? It would make all the lives we lost there mean nothing.

They need to remember that they are the ones who sent many sons and daughters to fight this war without making sure they had the resources and equipment to do so. They are the ones who voted yes resoundingly for this, yet now when the going gets tough they want to bail and cause the lives we lost to be in vain. As a former Marine, I am ashamed that our "leaders" are such wimps. They should see that once again for the men and women who have served in Iraq that "uncommon valor is a common virtue."

I would call for America to remove these unpatriotic and foolish men and women who cannot even face the consequences of their own decisions. Stay the course, America, for our sons' and daughters' sake.

- Karl Hutcheson


Liberals put hatred of Bush before country

Yes, Rep. John Murtha's comments were unpatriotic. I would go further. I think it is becoming clear that Murtha and his fellow liberals hate President Bush more than they love their country.

- Dave Gibson


Missing connections

I think Rep. John Murtha disconnected his brain from his heart.

- Harry O. Andersen