County considers adding more satellite police precincts

NORCROSS - In rush-hour traffic, it can take nearly 45 minutes to get from Peachtree Corners to the closest police precinct.

That's the reason why Commissioner Bert Nasuti wants the county to put in smaller satellite precincts in local communities.

Nasuti wants Peachtree Corners, where he lives with his wife and four children, to be the first to get a satellite precinct.

"It would enhance the community policing and put a little more police presence in the area," Nasuti said during the commissioners' annual retreat last week.

Actually, he mentioned the idea a year ago, but it's taken a while to find the right spot to put the precinct in, officials said.

County Administrator Jock Connell said he envisions a small office in a shopping center so that people will be able to talk to an officer but officers will also be more visible in the community to try to detract criminal activity.

"It's something that we think would be positive because the west precinct is way over on Jimmy Carter Boulevard at Interstate 85, and if we could have a little bit more presence over here that would be a good thing," said Pat Bruschini, president of the United Peachtree Corners Civic Association.

In the past, Officer Darren Moloney said he was able to use a satellite precinct in Grayson while he worked out of the county's southside precinct.

"It was great for the officers," the Gwinnett County Police Department spokesman said. "I could go in and do my paperwork."

Connell and Nasuti said they wanted to see how the Peachtree Corners satellite worked before determining whether to open other small offices.