Statham expanding City Hall building

STATHAM - City Hall is cramped, to say the least.

Three people are jammed into a tiny area in the entrance. Boxes line the hall, a supply closet is stuffed to the brim and stairs that lead to the attic are half-covered with materials that have nowhere else to go.

And then there's the attic itself, a mess of scattered boxes that hold the city's records.

City Clerk Susan Gabriel says it's no way to treat Statham's documents. The temperature fluctuates wildly, depending on the weather, and the ceiling isn't high enough for someone to stand up while looking for a particular piece of paper.

So the city is making more room.

A frame has already been built on a 46-by-19-foot concrete pad at the back of the building, and the city is just waiting for the sides and roof to be delivered to complete the project, Gabriel said. When the new area is complete, it will house an office for the mayor, a new records area and supply storage.

"We're excited about getting more space," Gabriel said. "We've been talking about it informally for probably a year, and we just decided in the last few months we had to do something."

The council voted in September to allocate $9,800 for the project. The city moved into the building, which Assistant City Clerk Raenelle Stockmeier said used to be a restaurant, in 1999.

Gabriel said Statham would love to further expand its space, but does not own the land on either side of City Hall. When construction is complete, she will move into the office occupied by the mayor, giving everyone a little more room to work.

Until then, city employees will continue to rifle through boxes in the attic.

"We've got stuff everywhere," Gabriel said. "There's nowhere to put it."