Letters to the Editor

Murtha's comments just short of treason

Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., is totally off base in his demands to pull out of Iraq immediately. This is just short of treason in my book. He has given a tremendous boost to the enemy, who must now believe Americans cannot stomach war for any cause. For those who think out losses have been horrific, consider that America lost more than 50,000 men in a six-month time frame during World War I. Every life is precious, but our losses have been miniscule by comparison to other wars.

I am somehow not surprised by the number of Democrats who fully supported the war at the outset but now demand a pullout. Democrats even have the audacity to take jabs at the president for a war they encouraged. As Cal Thomas asked, are these same individuals willing to accept responsibility for what happens after a pullout?

Do they honestly believe the attacks from radical Muslim terrorists will end with a pullout in Iraq? In reality, they are just grandstanding and hoping they ride a wave of popular media hype. Forget what's best for the country; they have political positions to secure.

- Adrian Devine


Use railroads to aid energy conservation

At a time when energy costs are spiking to record highs, we ought to be doing more to take advantage of the economic benefits associated with our railroads.

I have worked for a major rail line for eight years and have become well versed in the fact that freight movement in America will be up nearly 70 percent by 2020. It is time our area's manufacturers consider the fact that shipping by rail is efficient and significantly helps our highway gridlock problem.

Locomotive technology has progressed to a point where we now can haul a ton of freight 400 miles on a gallon of diesel fuel. Let's be sensible about congestion, air quality and costs to the end user.

- Alicia Hill


Kudos to students at Buford Middle School

I would like to say thank you to the students at Buford Middle School.

This past week the students raised more than $4,000 for the Red Cross. They have also been extremely involved in bringing canned food to donate to the Salvation Army. Any adult who thinks that kids nowadays only think about themselves don't know the kids at Buford Middle School.

- Becky Hamrick