Letters to the Editor

Right to freedom of religion applies to Muslims, too

I would like to remind H.E Allgood that freedom of religion is a constitutional right in the United States ("Muslims taking aim at American weakness," To the Editor, Nov. 6.) It has been from the beginning - in fact, the concept was put into the Constitution by our Christian founding fathers. And perhaps he should know that Muslims and Christians worship the same God.

If Allgood believes it is terrible for the Quran to endorse the killing of infidels, I can only assume that he disregards the entire Book of Judges as a falsehood. Islam is not at all unique in its portrayal of religious warfare. The Old Testament is littered with battles commanded by God.

As for holidays, it is the right of every American to celebrate his religion's holidays. Special prayer times are set aside at schools during Ramadan, and Catholic students can be excused for Feast of All Saints. There is a winter break given right before the winter Christian and Jewish holidays. Religion is handled very fairly in schools.

Also, Allgood says that Bibles are not allowed in public schools. The Quran is not allowed either, as it is also a religious document. The same punishment would be given to a student who brought the Quran in her backpack.

Why should Americans combat Muslim influence? Why does Allgood treat Muslims as though they are not Americans, with every right to pursue freedom of religion? Are they all evil, that they want to "infiltrate and undermine" the United States? Consider this: In the past five years, in the overseas wars that have torn our country apart, have more Muslims killed Christians or more Christians killed Muslims?

In countries such as Iran, religious freedom is forbidden. Is that how we would like the United States to be? Is total control of religion such a good thing?

Intolerance against those of other religions is what causes war, pain and hate. Islam and Christianity alike preach love for all people. We should tear down walls between religions rather than building them any higher than they already are with such intolerant words.

- Sarah Nagy


Veterans are great blessing to nation

Once again Veterans Day has come and gone. I hope that many flags were flown in their honor.

Being a child of the '40s, I was taught by my parents to always have the deepest respect for all who serve our country both in the military and public domain as well. I hope that we can all take time to tell some of these most honorable people how much they are appreciated on a daily basis as well.

It takes a truly special and devoted person to risk personal harm while protecting others on a daily basis.

- D.W. Pyles