Inmate serving life accused of assault

•BUFORD - An inmate serving a life sentence at Phillips State Prison in Buford was charged with aggravated assault last week after he allegedly punched a guard several times.

A guard was explaining something to 32-year-old Gregory Gaines on Oct. 14 when, without warning, Gaines punched him in the face five or six times, according to an arrest warrant. The guard suffered swelling in the eye area and bruising to his face and ears.

Gaines was charged with aggravated assault upon an officer on Nov. 10. He was already serving a life sentence at the prison at 2989 West Rock Quarry Road for a murder, burglary and narcotics possession conviction in Bibb County.

Store manager stops robbery

•LAWRENCEVILLE - A quick-thinking store manager thwarted a robbery attempt Monday at Marathon Food Center at 5125 Lawrenceville Highway.

The store manager was outside smoking a cigarette at 8:30 p.m. when an unidentified white man came from around the building with a gun in his hand and ordered him inside. The manager told the robber he would have to go behind the counter to get to the cash register.

He then went into the area, which was enclosed by bulletproof glass, locked the door behind him and called 911. When the robber realized the manager wasn't getting the money, he fled.

Man charged with cocaine possession

•LILBURN - A Lawrenceville man who claimed he was speeding because his pregnant wife was giving birth was arrested Tuesday after police discovered it was a lie, according to a police report.

An officer stopped a Cadillac at 12:50 a.m. whose driver was allegedly speeding approximately 30 miles over the limit, almost causing a car accident. The driver made a U-turn and halted in a driveway with the back end of the car still in the road.

Alfredo Mitchell Jr., 36, reportedly emerged from the car holding a cell phone to his ear. Mitchell told the officer his wife was having a baby and he had to get to the hospital, according to a police report.

The officer noted Mitchell smelled of alcohol, but Mitchell said he hadn't been drinking. He said he had recently taken some cough medicine. Mitchell claimed the smell was probably from his girlfriend, who had been drinking in the car earlier.

Asked if he'd been with his girlfriend while his wife was giving birth, Mitchell said it was an ex-girlfriend who owed him money. Police called the hospital where Mitchell insisted his wife was delivering the baby, but they had no record of the woman.

As Mitchell was being arrested for DUI, officers found cocaine inside the car. He was also charged with possession of cocaine and impeding the flow of traffic.

- From staff reports