Barrow police reports

Bank receives counterfeit cash

•WINDER - A bank received more than $500 in counterfeit bills within a few days, including five $100 bills.

A Peoples Bank teller told police four $100 bills came in Saturday from the night drop Friday. The other $100 bill was received Monday.

One counterfeit $5 bill was also found on Saturday, according to a police report.

The bills reportedly look very real, and have most of the safeguards of legal tender, but their serial numbers show them to be counterfeit. The bank is sending them to the Secret Service for review, the report said.

Man surrenders after holding hostages

•WINDER - A man who held three people hostage and threatened to shoot himself surrendered peacefully to police after more than five hours Sunday.

Calvin Hall, 29, quickly released the three hostages he was holding at 284 Apperson Drive, according to a police report, but then said he had a loaded handgun and was upset that his wife might be leaving him.

The incident began around 4 p.m., and Officer Chris Cooper spoke with Hall off and on for about five and a half hours, according to the incident report. Before hanging up, it said, the two would discuss when and how they would get back in touch.

Around 8:50 p.m., the report said, Hall told Cooper that he wanted to surrender. He was taken to the Barrow Medical Center for evaluation.

- From staff reports