Film Fans: 'Jarhead' unusual, but great war movie

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3 1/2 stars

Oh, boy. The high quality of cinematography and equally high level of testosterone in this movie make it worth seeing. With his quiet power, supporting actor Peter Sarsgaard is my new Kiefer Sutherland. Jamie Foxx plays Staff Sgt. Sykes in a typically tough but likable way. I'm not as impressed with Jake Gyllenhaal as most of America's female audience is, but he is awful pretty on the big screen. This is a great war movie with virtually no combat.

- Jackie Hamilton,


3 1/2 stars

"Jarhead" is not the typical war movie. You don't get to see a bunch of people being killed. This film instead focuses on letting you know the frustrations a group of soldiers endures while longing to do what they think will make them heroes. The actors, especially Jake Gyllenhaal, do an excellent job of portraying the different ways individual soldiers deal with the anticipation of battle. The film has humor sprinkled in perfectly, but not so much that it distracts from the theme of the movie. This is worth seeing at the theater.

- Sean Ahern,