Drivers have been warned in Snellville

SNELLVILLE - Snellville's second red-light camera system opened for business Wednesday.

Anyone caught on camera running the red light at Ga. Highway 124 and Ronald Reagan Parkway will get a ticket in the mail, Police Chief Roy Whitehead said, and in a week, citations will begin at the third intersection, U.S. Highway 78 and Ga. Highway 84.

Since a 30-day warning period began for the first light, a total of 1,071 warnings have been issued at both locations, Whitehead said.

He didn't have specifics on each intersection but said, "A whole lot more has occurred at Ronald Reagan and 124."

Whitehead said the contractor had originally only focused the cameras on the through-lanes but the city found an even bigger problem in the left-turn lanes from Ga. 124 onto the parkway.

He said the city has already found success at the first light to use the technology - U.S. Highway 78 at Ga. Highway 124.

In October, 1,666 tickets were issued for red-light running, but the number of wrecks at the intersection decreased from an average of eight per month to three in October.

"It's obviously doing what we need it to do," he said.