Woman admits killing child to rid her of demon

ATLANTA (AP) - A woman accused of helping her husband kill their 8-year-old to rid her of a demon pleaded guilty to murder Tuesday.

Valerie Carey, 29, was sentenced to life in prison for the Jan. 19, 2004, stabbing and strangling of Quimani Carey at a downtown Atlanta motel.

Carey and her husband, Christopher, were found walking down busy Piedmont Avenue naked in freezing temperatures with their two other children, 6 and 8, on their shoulders.

Police discovered Quimani on the floor of their motel room. Pages ripped from the Bible were thrown on and around her body, and her arms were broken. Investigators said Christopher Carey had stabbed her with a knife until it broke.

As part of a plea agreement, Valerie Carey agreed to testify against her 31-year-old husband. He remains jailed without bond and faces a possible death penalty unless he agrees to plead guilty.