Cheese Nips Chips

Cheese Nips has introduced a new oven-baked chip, available in Bold Cheddar and Nacho flavors. These new chips come in a stand-up, foil-seal bag and contain no trans fats. The toasted chips are loaded with cheddar flavor - the company touts the products as having 100 percent real Kraft cheese baked on the inside and out.

The flavor is definitely cheddary, in a good way. They're a good alternative to full-fat potato chips, but we missed the pop-in-your-mouth convenience of traditional Cheese Nips.

The suggested retail price is $2.99.

Great Measure cereal

Cascadian Farm, one of the country's leading brands of organic foods, has released Great Measure, a new breakfast cereal made with organic ingredients.

The cereal, a combination of clusters and flakes made with organic whole wheat, vanilla and honey, has a hint of cinnamon flavor as well. The cereal has plenty of calcium, as well as nine grams of fiber and protein.

The organic ingredients and nutrients are meant to make it easy to enjoy cereal as part of a weight management plan. We enjoyed the cereal, which has a nice variety of textures and a nutritious, yet slightly sweet, taste.

The suggested retail price is $3.99.

Soy Blendz


Soy Blendz just released a line of soy-fruit, non-dairy smoothies. Packed with whole soybeans, eight grams of protein per bottle and 120 percent of your daily calcium needs, these grab-and-go smoothies are a sweet, healthy treat.

Available flavors include Mixed Berry Medley, Mango Orange Dream, Orange Citrus Splash and Strawberry Banana Blast. We liked the orange-citrus drink, which tasted like a healthy version of a creamsicle, and the strawberry-banana flavor, which had a fresh banana taste. But they're quite sweet, with about 30 grams of sugar per bottle, and very filling. We could only finish about half a bottle in a sitting.

The smoothies, which are available at SuperTarget stores, don't require refrigeration, but they taste better after they've been chilled for a few hours.

The suggested retail price is $1.99.

- Compiled by

Staff Writer Shelley Mann