Brockway, Garraway add Internet blogs

Have you missed Buzz Brockway's political insights?

Well, the former Gwinnett Republican Party chairman hasn't gone far.

In fact, now he's all over cyberspace.

Brockway launched the Buzz Blog a few weeks ago, complete with political fodder and the occasional Jennifer Wilbanks joke.

Check it out at www.buzzbrockway.com. He's even got a T-shirt for sale.

Bruce Garraway also has opened his own political Web site. This one focuses on his work for Snellville City Council. It's at www.brucegarraway.com.

Doss switches parties

If you think there's no politics in road building, think again.

David Doss, chairman of the State Transportation Board, held a news conference at the Capitol last week to announce that he's switching from the Democrats to the Republicans.

Crossing to the GOP side of the road puts the former Floyd County Commission chairman in a good position to run for elective office in a region now dominated by Republicans.

But Doss, who represents the 11th Congressional District on the transportation board, said he's not interested in putting his name before the voters.

"I've been there and done that," he said.

However, Doss does want to stay on the board, and his public party switch definitely helps there. Transportation board members are elected by state lawmakers from each congressional district, and the 11th District delegation is heavily Republican.

He also joins a GOP majority on the 13-member board, ensuring that he will have a say in the direction the state takes in transportation policy.

Democrats go on the road

After suffering through their first General Assembly session in the minority since the 19th century, legislative Democrats are hitting the road to air their criticisms of the agenda enacted by majority Republicans.

What is being billed as Civil Justice Summer began in Augusta on Friday and will continue in about half a dozen other cities across the state, culminating with a planned Aug. 6 march in Atlanta.

While the main topic of the Atlanta event will be urging Congress to reauthorize the 1965 Voting Rights Act, Democratic speakers also will focus on state-level issues during the tour, said Rep. Stan Watson, D-Decatur, chairman of the all-Democrat Legislative Black Caucus.

"We just to make sure Georgians across the state understand what happened this year and why it happened," he said.

Watson said Democratic speakers will talk about legislation passed by Republicans that will reduce spending on health care, restrict a woman's right to an abortion and require Georgians to show a photo ID to vote.

Buford qualifying to start

Qualifying begins Monday for a special election to Buford's school board.

The June 21 election will decide who will replace Steve Merritt, who died in March at the age of 53. The term runs through 2007.

Merritt's wife, Joye, is principal of Buford Elementary School.

To run for the office, candidates must qualify between

9 a.m. and 5 p.m. at Buford City Hall. The fee is $35.

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