Man wants money back for sick snake

LAWRENCEVILLE - A Maryland man who received a sick snake after purchasing the $900 reptile on the Internet wants the Lawrenceville seller to be charged with deceptive business practices.

The victim told police he paid $1,800 for five snakes of rare breed in November. One snake was never sent, and another arrived "very thin, stressed and lethargic," according to a police report. The sickly snake was the most expensive of the five he had ordered at a whopping $900 price tag, the man told police.

When the victim tried to exchange the snake for a healthy one, the victim said the seller did not respond. The victim said he then requested his money back for the snake he never received and for the sick snake but again received no contact from the internet seller in Lawrenceville.

Police are investigating the seller's e-mail addresses.

Norcross man charged with DUI

NORCROSS - A 45-year-old Lawrenceville man was arrested May 5 after allegedly driving recklessly in front of Norcross High School.

An officer observed Pil Su Jung approaching the school on 5300 Spalding Drive at 7:10 a.m. in a GMC van. As traffic slowed in the 35 mph school zone, Jung reportedly swerved the van into the center lane to pass other cars. When he came upon a roadblock in the center lane, Jung veered into oncoming traffic to continue passing the other vehicles, according to police reports.

Jung then pulled into the school's main driveway where kids were being dropped off at the school. He zigzagged around the buses before pulling up and stopping in front of the school.

Jung appeared confused when an officer questioned him, and the officer said Jung's breath smelled of alcohol. Jung said he was just dropping off his 14-year-old son at school. When asked why he was driving recklessly, Jung replied he was in a hurry.

He was charged with DUI and reckless driving.

Six charged with underage drinking at Wild Bill's

DULUTH - Six people were arrested Friday in connection with underage drinking at Wild Bill's entertainment hall on 2075 Market St., according to police reports.

The youngsters had washed off the black Xs that were drawn on their hands with marker to identify them as underage, police reports stated. Police officers noted the offenders were either spotted drinking or acting intoxicated in the club.

The suspects were placed into a paddy wagon and transported to jail on a charge of underage possession of alcohol.

Arrested were 19-year-old Evan Baker of Marietta, 19-year-old Darin Allan Nelson of Suwanee, 20-year-old Natalie Armbrust of Duluth, 20-year-old Malina Lovinger, 20-year-old Smith Solanki of Woodstock and 20-year-old Meagan Barken of Duluth.


Guns stolen from pawn shop

WINDER - Six firearms and some jewelry were reported stolen from a pawn shop.

Winder Loan and Pawn, at 243 E. May St. in Winder, was broken into some time between 6 p.m. May 9 and 9:20 a.m. May 10, according to a police report.

According to the report, suspects entered and left the building through a hole they made in the roof. Investigators found tire prints and a hammer, and they found that the air conditioner had been pushed over and the phone and cable cut, the report said. Power meters also were pulled, it said.

Officers found a glove and T-shirt on the roof, along with a ring from the business and a sale tag from one of the missing firearms, according to the report.

The total cost of the missing firearms is $1,068.75, the report said. The amount of jewelry taken is not yet known.

14-year-old allegedly stabs older brother

WINDER - Police completed a juvenile complaint for a 14-year-old who allegedly stabbed his older brother.

The brothers were fighting at their home on Harrison Lane on May 12, when the younger one accidentally stabbed his older brother, according to a police report.

When police arrived, there was blood all over both boys, on the kitchen floor and in the living room, according to the report. The younger brother, who had a cut on his arm, was holding a towel to the older brother's chest, the report said. Neither wound appeared to be serious.

A witness told police the brothers were fighting over something that had happened at school, when the argument turned into a fistfight. He then saw the brothers fight for the knife, which fell to the floor, he said.

They were both taken to Barrow Community Hospital, where police met with their parents, the report said.

Man allegedly beaten with sticks

WINDER - A man was allegedly beaten up by a group of five or six men who struck him with sticks and broke windows in his vehicle.

The 25-year-old Winder resident told police he had been looking for his friends in the Glenwood area when a blue or gray Chevrolet Caprice stopped in front of his Mitsubishi Eclipse on Capitol Avenue after Osborne Street.

The man was then approached by a group of men carrying what appeared to be bamboo sticks, according to a police report, who kicked and hit him with the sticks and their fists.

The man had a long stick-like red welt going from his right shoulder toward his spine, the report said, as well as minor lacerations and swelling. The back window and windshield of his car had been smashed, according to the report, and a baseball bat in his car was reportedly taken.

Woman allegedly dragged by hair

WINDER - A woman was allegedly knocked unconscious by her boyfriend.

Robert Mayweather, 44, of Winder, came home after allegedly drinking all day and allegedly started calling his girlfriend names and slapping her in front of her children.

The woman lost consciousness when she was struck in the head, according to a police report. Mayweather allegedly grabbed the woman by her hair and dragged her off the couch where she was sitting to the front door while one daughter screamed for him to stop.

Two of the woman's daughters ran from the house to find a phone to call the police, the report said. According to the report, the woman had a large lump on her forehead but refused medical treatment.

Warrants are being taken against Mayweather for battery family violence and cruelty to children in the third degree.

- From staff reports