Lawrenceville woman charged with obstruction

LAWRENCEVILLE - A 24-year-old Lawrenceville woman who allegedly tried to grab a police officer's handgun from its holster Monday was tackled to the ground.

The manager of Domino's Pizza on 890 New Hope Road called police after an irate woman, later identified as Lena Vladmirovna Georgiadis, came into the restaurant asking for a knife. When her request was denied, Georgiadis allegedly began grabbing everything within reach, throwing it on the floor and spitting.

She then went outside and snapped the manager's antenna off of his vehicle, according to police reports. When an officer arrived, Georgiadis reportedly lunged at him and grabbed his gun in an attempt to remove it from its holster. The officer threw her to the ground and gained control of her after a brief struggle, police reports stated.

Georgiadis was charged with felony obstruction and criminal trespass.

Man robbed in gas station parking lot

DULUTH - A Douglasville man was robbed and assaulted Monday in the parking lot of Phillips 66 at 1932 Pleasant Hill Road.

The victim told police he parked in a poorly lit area on the side of the building about 10:55 p.m. After he emerged from the store, the victim encountered an unidentified man standing at the front of the truck. The suspect punched him in the ribs and pushed him up against the wall.

The robber then pointed a revolver at the victim's chest and demanded all his cash, police reports stated. The victim handed over $30 and the suspect ran away on foot. The suspect was described as a clean-shaven Hispanic man in his mid-20s with short black hair.

Vicious dog injured during capture

DACULA - Police officers shot and injured a vicious dog earlier this month at a house on Williams Farm Drive.

Animal Control went to the house to impound a dog of unknown breed on May 4 because it had gotten loose the previous day and bit a child in the neighborhood, according to police reports.

When an animal control officer approached the fence, the dog bit the officer's control stick and nearly ripped it out of her grasp. While they were preparing to capture the dog, it got loose from the backyard and charged at officers, barking, growling and baring its teeth. The officers could not get a clear shot at the animal with the Taser stun gun, so one of them fired several gunshots at the dog. One bullet struck the dog in the side.

The injured animal retreated to a corner of the backyard, where it reportedly continued to be aggressive toward approaching animal control officers. The officers stunned the animal with a Taser and were able to capture it.


Man charged with false imprisonment

BETHLEHEM - A man was charged with false imprisonment, simple battery and simple assault after he allegedly refused to let his wife out of a walk-in closet until she had sex with him.

Teddy Giddens, 33, of Bethlehem was arguing with his wife May 8 about whether he had sex with another woman, according to a police report. His wife allegedly hit him before he pushed her down, took a gun from a lock box in the closet and told her he would not let her leave him.

When police arrived, the woman was crying and loading her three children into a car, the report said. She said her husband had never pointed his gun at her, but that when he took it out, she feared for her life, the report said.

Man allegedly pulls knife on woman

AUBURN - A woman told police a man she was driving with held a knife to her and took her phone so she could not call 911.

The woman said she and a friend went to pick up three men from Glenwood May 5, including the friend's boyfriend, according to a police report. After they dropped one off, Larry Redding began to yell and curse at the woman when she answered her cell phone, the report said. He allegedly pulled out a pocket knife and stuck it to her leg as she was driving, then put it to her neck and said he would kill her.

Redding reportedly cut the woman's hand and took the cell phones of both her and her friend, so they could not call for help. Redding eventually returned the phones, according to the report, after putting the knife to her stomach, leg and neck.

The woman sent a text message to her sister saying she needed help, and the two met at the Auburn Police Department.

- From staff reports