Grayson council discusses proposal for theater

GRAYSON - Grayson residents may not have to travel very far to see "Oklahoma."

The Grayson City Council discussed a proposal at Monday's meeting that would bring a community theater to the city.

"This would be a great addition to our city," Grayson Mayor Jim Hinkle said.

Area resident and storyteller Tim Hall brought the plan for the community theater to the council and proposed to call it the Trip Playhouse after the original name for the city of Grayson.

"I want this to be an integral part of the city," Hall said. "I want the middle school kids to walk across the street and see a performance as their field trip."

Hall hopes to be able to have performances in the City's Arts and History Center, City Park and Vines Botanical Gardens and requested only city sanction for the project and did not request any money from the council.

"I am not here asking for a handout from the city," Hall said. "I will get the financing by knocking on doors. What I am looking for is your blessing and your help in promoting this venture."

With two council members absent, the council will revisit the issue in June before giving their final seal of approval.

Council approves new zoning map

The council also approved a new official zoning map for the city.

The new map shows the changes in annexed and rezoned property in Grayson.

"This map has been checked and doublechecked by all of us and our city planners and now represents the updated boundaries and zoning in the city," Mayor Hinkle said.