Alabama serial killing suspect pleads not guilty

MOBILE, Ala. - Suspected serial killer Jeremy Bryan Jones pleaded not guilty Tuesday and blurted out ''I ain't crazy'' as a judge ordered him to undergo psychiatric testing before his capital murder trial in the death of a Mobile County woman.

Jones, 32, is charged in the Sept. 18 murder of Lisa Marie Nichols, 45, of Turnerville. The indictment said Nichols was sexually assaulted and shot to death in her mobile home, which was set afire.

Six bodies found at Calif. ranch

GARNER VALLEY, Calif. - An investigator for the district attorney's office was found dead on Tuesday in his ranch home along with five other people, including three children, who were all shot to death in their beds in the middle of the night, authorities said.

Sheriff Bob Doyle said they had not ruled out a murder-suicide.

Evidence of voter fraud found in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE - About 4,500 more ballots than registered voters were cast in the election last November in Milwaukee, investigators said Tuesday.

Also, more than 200 felons voted improperly in Milwaukee, and more than 100 instances of suspected double-voting were found.

Appeals court allows task force to remain secret

WASHINGTON - Vice President Dick Cheney doesn't have to disclose the advice his energy task force got from the industry, an appeals court ruled Tuesday what probably was a final blow to a politically charged lawsuit over public access to White House decision- making.

The Bush administration fought hard to keep the panel's workings secret, arguing that public disclosure would make it difficult for any White House to solicit candid advice on important policy issues.

Manager says he was never told to hold family

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - The property manager at Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch testified Tuesday that he was never ordered to hold captive the family of the boy accusing the pop star of child molestation.

Joe Marcus, a defense witness, testified that an order instructing guards not to let the boy or his brother leave was placed in the ranch log because the boys often drove vehicles around the property, raising safety concerns.

- From wire reports