Suicide bomber kills 60 at Iraqi police center

IRBIL, Iraq - An Iraqi seen standing in line outside a police recruitment center with scores of job applicants blew himself up Wednesday, killing about 60 Iraqis and wounding 150 in the deadliest insurgent attack in more than two months, the U.S. military and Iraqi police said.

A militant group claimed responsibility, saying the attack in the Kurdish city of Irbil was in retaliation for Kurdish militias working with U.S. forces.

Dozens arrested in protest by Islamic group

CAIRO, Egypt - Thousands of supporters of the banned Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's largest Islamic group, protested across the country Wednesday for political reform. Dozens were arrested.

Police allowed Wednesday's protests in Cairo and several other cities, though they prevented marches in the northern cities of Mansoura and Alexandria.

Court convicts, sentences 13 in official's death

BUJUMBURA, Burundi - A Burundi court sentenced four former high-ranking security and prison officials to death after they and nine others were convicted in the 2001 killing of a World Health Organization official - a slaying the defense claimed was ordered by the former president.

The court on Tuesday sentenced the other nine to terms ranging from two years to life for the killing of WHO representative Kassi Manlan, said Burundi's chief prosecutor, Gerard Ngendabanka.

Al-Qaida suspect seized in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Pakistani commandos nabbed a senior al-Qaida leader, described by U.S. officials as the group's No. 3 operative, after a shootout at one of his hardscrabble hideouts. Jubilant Pakistani officials said Wednesday his arrest would help in the hunt for Osama bin Laden.

Israel freezes handover of West Bank towns

JERUSALEM - Israel on Wednesday froze the planned handover of West Bank towns to the Palestinians, accusing Palestinian security forces of failing to honor commitments to disarm militants in areas already under their control.

Palestinian officials called the decision to stop the handover of towns ''unfortunate'' and said they had struck a deal to collect militants' weapons, despite a top commander's announcement Wednesday that he had no plans to disarm the gunmen by force.

- From wire reports