Woman allegedly raped, thrown in creek in Winder

WINDER - A woman who went for a walk after getting in a fight with her boyfriend was allegedly raped.

According to a police report, the woman left her boyfriend's residence May 1 at 1:30 a.m. after a fight with her boyfriend, hoping he would follow her and make up. When he did not, she decided to walk to a bar to escort her friend home and give her boyfriend more time to think, the report said.

Near Brookview Terrace, the woman allegedly saw two black men who appeared to be following her. She tried to call her boyfriend, but the cell phone was dead, and she knocked on several doors, but no one answered, according to the report.

The woman began walking back to her boyfriend's house when she was reportedly grabbed and dragged into the woods. According to the report, she was hit by an object she believed to be a knife, then raped with an unknown object. The woman was then allegedly thrown into a creek.

She walked to the consignment shop on McNeal Road where she tried to call 911, but her cell phone kept cutting off due to the dead battery, the report said. She finally found someone who would let her use a phone and called her boyfriend to pick her up, according to the report.

The woman had a cut on her head, two large knots and several cuts, scrapes and bruises, the report said. Her clothes were wet and covered in dirt, and her bra and underwear were ripped and cut, according to the report.

The woman was taken to the Barrow Community Hospital for a rape kit.

The case is under investigation.