Winder officers take crisis intervention class

WINDER - Several Winder police officers last week participated in a crisis intervention training class for north Georgia officers.

"This class helps officers recognize and better understand mental illness," councilman Sonny Morris said. The training program, which originated several years ago in Memphis, involves very intense training.

"Participants spent 40 hours in training with very few breaks," Morris said. "The training is so intense it even involves role-playing, teaching officers how a schizophrenic person may be thinking as well as teaching them to recognize mood and personality disorders."

A good example of dealing with such incidents involves a Winder resident who was recognized at Tuesday night's meeting for his quick thinking and bravery. Bob Neville happened to witness an incident in which a child walked through a neighbor's yard, and the neighbor produced a 9 mm firearm and pointed it at the child. Neville quickly called 911 and then stepped between the gun and the child. Mayor Buddy Ouzts presented Neville with a meritorious award.

Gang education

for the community

The Winder Police Department is presenting a gang education night at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday. "We'll explain how gang members communicate without talking and help people understand that they are already here," Morris said. "We need the help of citizens to prevent gang activity in Winder."

Vehicle registrations may soon be available on Internet

The city of Winder is negotiating with the Department of Motor Vehicles to put in place a system for Barrow County residents to be able to renew their vehicle registrations online. The electronic transactions will cost citizens an additional $4.70 per transaction. Drivers still will be able to renew vehicle registrations in person once the new process is in place.