Accused dentist's sign stolen

DACULA - An employee of Barton Corbin, the Dacula dentist accused of fatally shooting his wife in December and his college girlfriend in 1990, reported a theft at his dentistry office.

The employee told police an unknown suspect took a sign outside his practice at 3617 Braselton Highway in Dacula sometime Monday night or Tuesday morning.

The sign is valued at about $400, the woman told police.

Mattresses stolen from store

NORCROSS - About 20 mattresses and box springs were stolen from a Norcross mattress store between March 1 and Tuesday.

The store manager at Mattress Deals, 6410 Dawson Boulevard in Norcross, told police someone broke into a trailer behind the business sometime during March. The manager reported 17 mattresses and two box springs had been stolen, according to police reports.

An unknown suspect cut the latch that held a padlock on the trailer, reports said. There were no witnesses.

Man robbed at gunpoint

NORCROSS - A 39-year-old man was robbed at gunpoint outside his Norcross apartment Monday night.

The man told police he was driving home from work to his Chelsea Park apartment complex when he saw a man and woman fighting near a Dumpster. The man waved him over, and then slowly pulled out a small, black semiautomatic pistol from his pants, according to police reports.

The suspect said, "Give me your wallet."

The 39-year-old handed over his wallet, but snatched $20 out of it before fleeing to his apartment, according to the report. He told police $135 had been stolen.

The apartment complex manager later told police that she'd heard similar reports about the couple, who she called "transient, homeless types."

- Compiled by Shelley Mann