Loganville votes to form citizen advisory committee

LOGANVILLE - City Council member Chuck Bagley proposed at Thursday night's council meeting the formation of a Citizens Advisory Committee. The CAC "will communicate to the mayor and council the public's requests for new programs and initiatives," said Bagley.

Applications are available in City Hall for any volunteers who wish to serve on the committee. The council passed the motion unanimously.

In a similar initiative, Bagley also announced "Loganville 101," a sort of citizenship class open to all residents of the city. Each class will feature a different public servant, either from the police or fire departments, public works, or city government. Bagley said these classes are designed to help citizens fully understand how their city works.

New water billing system

to debut

Loganville City Manager Bill Jones announced Thursday night that the new water billing system is in place.

"This is a way to improve on what's currently a sore subject," said Jones.

Under the old system, water customers only had about 10 days to pay their bills before payment was considered late. With the new system, meters will be read on the 15th of the month, and bills will go out to customers on the 20th. Payment is due on the first, a late fee will be assessed after the 10th, and unpaid service is cut off on the 20th of the following month.

"This should make folks a lot happier," Jones said.

Bagley added later in the meeting that the city is looking into acquiring Georgia Municipal Association software that will allow citizens to pay bills and apply for city jobs online through the city's Web site. Updates on this proposal will come in future city council meetings.

Grant money

for fire rescue truck

City Fire Chief Bill Lewis asked the mayor and council for the go-ahead to apply for GEMA funds toward the purchase of a new fire truck. The city would only have to pay about 5 percent of the cost of the $200,000 truck, which is "a good deal," Jones said.