Gwinnett Teen charged with shoplifting beer

NORCROSS - A Norcross man was arrested Wednesday after allegedly trying to shoplift several bottles of beer.

Francisco Hernandez, 17, was caught stuffing three bottles of beer into his pants at the Shell gas station at 6405 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., according to police reports.

The manager of the store observed the incident on surveillance video and called police. When confronted, Hernandez said he had the money to pay for the beer, but he admitted trying to steal one of the bottles, police reports stated. He was charged with shoplifting and underage possession of alcohol.

Man fights off two carjackers

LILBURN - A man was able to fight off would-be carjackers Monday who were pretending to be stranded motorists.

The victim was approached about 6:30 p.m. by a Hispanic man and woman. The pair claimed their car had broken down and asked for a ride, according to police reports. The victim agreed for a $5 fee.

When they got to Casco Way, the man pulled a small knife from his pocket and held it to the victim's throat, demanding the car keys. When the male suspect got out of the passenger side to get behind the wheel of the car, the driver attempted to fight him off, police reports stated.

The driver was struck over the head with a beer bottle. The suspects fled on foot with his keys.


Man allegedly chokes wife

WINDER - A man was arrested after he reportedly attempted to choke his wife in front of the couple's two children.

Brenton Cook, 31, of Winder reportedly returned to his home on North Avenue between 2:30 and 3:30 a.m. Friday when he lay down in bed and began talking to his wife.

His wife told him to leave her alone so she could sleep, according to a police report, but Cook began yelling at his wife, waking up their two children who came into the room to see Cook allegedly choking their mother and began to scream.

When the children entered the room, Cook began walking through the residence breaking and throwing things, the report said. Police found broken glass and plates in the residence and saw that an entertainment center had been overturned, breaking the television inside, according to the report.

Cook's wife told police she tried to call 911 from several phones, according to the report, but Cook broke the phone in the living room and her cell phone and took his cell phone from her.

Cook's wife reportedly gathered her children to leave, but Cook forced them back into the house and threw her car keys into the woods, the report said.

When Cook had his back turned, the woman told police, she ran to a neighbor's house to call the police. Cook left the house, but returned at 5:50 a.m., where police arrested him.

Cook was charged with aggravated assault, two counts of interfering with a 911 call, battery, simple battery, criminal trespass and two counts of cruelty to children.

- From wire reports