Chambliss, Scott agree with Bush on Iraq

Gwinnett's Republican and Democrat representatives in Washington both agree with the president that the country should stay the course in Iraq.

"We want to get our young folks back home safe and sound, but we have to win the war on terror and that is where the battlefield is now," U.S. Rep. David Scott, D-Atlanta said. "It is a boiling pot of terrorism."

President Bush gave a speech Tuesday night, explaining to a country growing in impatience, that soldiers will remain in the territory until the Iraqi government is stable.

U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Moultrie, agreed.

"Tonight, President Bush reminded us that freedom isn't cheap. The price paid by our forefathers and all of our nation's veterans came by way of tremendous bloodshed and sacrifice. The war we are in today is no different, and it's now our duty to stay the course and let our troops know that we support their fight for freedom," Chambliss said after the speech.

"The Iraqi people have made tremendous progress as a sovereign state. They have held their own democratic elections and are operating within a representative government. Iraqi citizens are volunteering to serve their country in their own military and police forces. Children are attending school, and women have unprecedented opportunity for personal growth.

"Our service members are making the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom and liberty for all people and they need our support now more than ever."

Fourth festivities

Not like a fireworks show for a little politickin'.

The county has more than a dozen Fourth of July celebrations planned this weekend, and you can expect to see candidates out at more than a few.

District 3 Commissioner Mike Beaudreau will actually take his first stint as grand marshal this weekend.

He'll headline the Bay Creek Homeowners' third annual Patriots Parade at 10:30 a.m. Saturday.

"Our parade committee unanimously selected Commissioner Beaudreau to be our parade marshal in recognition of the work he has done so far to help those of us who live in the far edges of Gwinnett," Diane Bates wrote in an e-mail.

House District 106 candidate Garry Rhodes will have a booth at Gwinnett Glows in Lawrenceville Monday.

Gingrich to hold book signing

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich will make an appearance in Norcross tonight.

The architect of the "Contract with America" is scheduled to sign copies of his latest book at the Chapter 11 bookstore on Holcomb Bridge Road.

"Never Call Retreat" is the last book in a trilogy of active history books by Gingrich and William R. Forstchen.

The signing is scheduled from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

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