Letters to the Editor

Maintaining balance in debate is difficult

Sometimes I feel compelled to espouse liberal agendas that I don't really feel all that comfortable with. I do this to try to offset the sometimes vicious and uncompromising rhetoric of the extreme right. I am well aware that there are those on the extreme left who are equally guilty of such behavior.

Establishing a fair-and-balanced exchange of dialogue and ideas is no easy task, as can be attested to by Congress on any given day. We, as individual Americans, owe it to ourselves and our children to stop bad mouthing everyone who doesn't dance to our music and tone down the volume of our prejudices when debating issues. Nobody is entitled to a pass in demeaning the character and patriotism of fellow citizens in order to promote a personal ideology.

As trite as it may sound, it does not serve the nation well in the fight against terrorism if we spend more time fighting each other than we do the terrorists. I personally believe we are roaming far afield of achieving the unity we desperately need if we continue to allow our mouths to overpower our minds. Finger-pointing and accusations are best made in front of a mirror.

- George Morin


Thomas' column on PBS lacked key facts

It's interesting to see Cal Thomas, one of the most partisan commentators working out of one of the most biased news operations, commenting on bias in public broadcasting.

Thomas comments in the Gwinnett Daily Post ("Where bias runs deep," June 23) neglect to mention the covert relationship Kenneth Tomlinson has had with the White House. Nor does he mention the closed-door covert activities of Tomlinson in hiring consultants to vet PBS broadcasts for bias and to stack the public broadcasting board with partisans. Or the legislative efforts to stymie the public in public broadcasting.

Perhaps the Post will provide "fair and balanced" news reporting by publishing other comments on the issue as well as detailed curriculum vitae of all the players.

- Thomas Costello


Thanks for tribute; no thanks to bride

Thank you for paying tribute to Pfc. Brian Smith and Cpl. William A. Long ("War Hits Home," June 22). It was disturbing to see Jennifer Wilbanks on the same page.

- Tom Hunter