Redford thought Deep Throat was 'probably' FBI

SALT LAKE CITY - Robert Redford, who played Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward in "All the President's Men," said he used to speculate on who Deep Throat was and had figured "it probably had to do with the FBI."

Redford said he once asked Woodward who Deep Throat was, but the reporter would not tell him.

Macy receives Rainmaker Award

WAILEA, Hawaii - Actor William H. Macy received the Rainmaker Award at the Maui Film Festival for "his magical ability to raise the creative dynamics of every project he touches," organizers say.

DiCaprio hit with beer bottle

LOS ANGELES - Leonardo DiCaprio was hit with a bottle while attending a party given by Paris Hilton's ex-boyfriend and needed about a dozen stitches to close a wound near his ear, People Magazine reported.

Shakira promo draws thousands

MEXICO CITY - Colombian pop star Shakira drew thousands of fans to an appearance in Mexico City to promote her new album, "Fijacion Oral Vol 1." The singer signed autographs and greeted fans.

- From wire reports