Barrow police reports

Man accused of beating woman with clothes iron

WINDER- A woman was reportedly kidnapped and beaten with a clothes iron before escaping to a neighbor's house.

A 32-year-old Athens woman went to the home of 29-year-old Bill Carter at 1007 English Oak Lane to do her laundry, according to a police report. Carter is either the woman's boyfriend or fiance, the report said, but she has not lived in the home since January.

The woman told police that she let Carter use her cell phone, and that he got mad when he found her children's father's phone number in the telephone, the report said.

Carter began to yell at the woman and grabbed her hair, dragging her into a bedroom against her will and locking the door, according to the report. There, he allegedly struck her in the face repeatedly with an iron, slammed a window on her head and hands when she tried to escape, punched and kicked her, tried to strangle her with his knee, spit in her face and repeatedly grabbed her hair to keep her from leaving.

The woman told police Carter repeatedly told her that she was not going to make it out of the house alive, and that he had taken her gun from the lock box in her home and would shoot her with it if she tried to escape.

When the woman finally escaped, she went to a neighbor's house to call 911, the report said. Carter allegedly drove off in the woman's white 1993 Pontiac Grand Am. When police entered the home, they found blood on the carpet, the bedroom in disarray, and a clothes iron on the floor that appeared to have blood on the cord, according to the report.

Warrants were taken on Carter for two counts of aggravated assault and one count each of aggravated battery, kidnapping, false imprisonment and theft by taking.

Pizza delivery woman escapes robbery attempt

WINDER- A man tried to rob a Papa John's pizza delivery woman June 11.

The woman told police she was delivering pizza at Candlewood Terrace and Highway 82 at 9:45 p.m. when a man reached through the driver's side window, grabbed her shirt, punched her in the face and told her to give him all her money.

The woman punched the man with her right fist and hit the gas, speeding away, according to a police report. She did not report the incident for another hour, until she finished delivering her pizzas, the report said.

School bus


Buses damaged

WINDER- Several windows were broken in a Barrow County school bus.

The 1986 bus was found at Yargo Elementary June 13 at 8:40 p.m. with several broken windows, according to a police report. The windows appeared to be broken by rocks, and damage was estimated to be more than $500, the report said.

Another bus was found at Yargo Elementary June 8 with 11 windows and the front windshield shattered, a police report said.

- From staff reports