Resident questions Old School House project

NORCROSS - Norcross resident Ed Flynn raised a few questions about the city's proposed Old School House community center Monday night.

"This project has grown substantially, from a 5,000-to 10,000-square-foot building to something more than 20,000 square feet. Originally it was to serve as a senior center and welcome center, and now I understand that it is to include a theater. I am concerned about the cost, staffing, utilities and the fact that there seems to be no business plan for this project," Flynn said. "Why are we not considering using SPLOST funds to purchase and renovate the old church?"

The property to which Flynn referred is a historic church and surrounding grounds located across from City Hall. According to Flynn and a growing group of supporters in Norcross, the church could be saved from high density developers while serving as a suitable building to house a senior (and perhaps youth) center, as well as a welcome center and 350-seat auditorium.

"My concern is that if we build it and they don't come, then folks, we're stuck with a white elephant," Flynn said to Mayor Lillian Webb, council members and the citizens in attendance.

Neither Webb nor any of the council members replied to Flynn's suggestion in the meeting.

Supporters of Save Historic Norcross, the newly created organization dedicated to preserving the city's rich heritage, support the idea and said they will do whatever is necessary to promote it. This alternative plan is explained in greater detail at www.savehistoricnorcross.com .