Pizza Hut employee robbed, beaten during delivery

NORCROSS - A 22-year-old Pizza Hut deliveryman was robbed and beaten Tuesday while delivering a pizza at an apartment complex, police reports said.

The deliveryman entered the Eagle Pointe Apartment complex at 3680 Peachtree Corners Circle about 11 p.m. He got out of his car to look for the correct apartment and walked around the side of one building where two men were sitting in the grass and a third was standing, according to reports.

One of the men asked the pizza man, "What's up?" to which he replied, "Nothing." One of the men approached him, pulled his shirt over his head and began beating him with a stick.

The pizza man was not severely injured, but the assailants stole his wallet, according to police reports.

Kroger cameras catch woman's card-nabbing co-worker

LAWRENCEVILLE - When a 35-year-old Grayson woman found out someone used her ATM card to buy $172.12 in groceries, she went straight to the scene of the crime.

On Sunday, the woman went to Kroger at 950 Herrington Road and told the manager what happened. The manager pulled the security tapes and was able to locate the man that used the card and the exact time he used it.

While reviewing the tapes, the woman recognized the man as one of her co-workers from Arby's.

No arrest has been made and the case is still active, according to police reports.

Harassing phone calls land Lilburn cheerleader in jail

SNELLVILLE - A 17-year-old Lilburn cheerleader was arrested after allegedly making harassing phone calls to a former friend.

Molly Chandler was taken into custody last week for allegedly calling a fellow student and leaving threatening messages on her voice mail.

According to police reports, Chandler called the girl several names, threatened to toilet-paper her home and said she was going to keep calling. The girl's parents told police they also think Chandler is responsible for painting a cuss word on their driveway and toilet-papering their house in May.

Chandler said that she was with a group of friends at cheerleading camp when the calls took place.

"We all did it," she told the officer. "It wasn't only me."

She later told police she only called the girl about Girl Scout Cookies and said she knew who was responsible for the vandalism, according to reports.

Woman gets taken for a ride by man wanting to buy car

LAWRENCEVILLE - An elderly Lawrenceville woman came up short when a man stopped at her home and offered to buy her car.

The woman told police that the man appeared at her house Sunday to see if she needed any help with lawn work. She told the man that she did have some rocks that needed to be moved. While the two were talking about the yard work, the man took notice of the 1978 Ford Thunderbird parked in the women's driveway, according to reports.

The man asked the elderly woman if she wanted to sell the car. She told him that for $2,000, he could have it.

The two went inside to negotiate a deal. The man drank a glass of water and smoked a cigarette and then asked the woman to see the title and deed. He also asked to use the restroom. While the woman was in her bedroom retrieving the documents, she began to feel uneasy and suspected the man was up to no good. She grabbed her pistol for protection.

The woman came back into the living area and showed the man the papers. He then asked her to show him the basement. With the gun hidden behind her back, the woman told the man that he could go and look at the basement, but that she was not going with him.

After that, the man left. The woman began cleaning up and went into the bathroom used by the man. There, she saw a towel on the top of the toilet. Underneath was her wallet - minus $60 in cash, the report said.

- From staff reports