Emily weakens after coming ashore in northeastern Mexico

SAN FERNANDO, Mexico - Hurricane Emily swept ashore Wednesday and weakened, but it still threatened to unleash flash floods and landslides in the mountains after pounding the coast with 125 mph winds and forcing thousands along the Gulf of Mexico to flee.

The eye of the week-old hurricane came ashore before dawn near San Fernando, about 75 miles south of the U.S.-Mexico border. Emily's winds and torrential rains knocked out power, shredded metal roofs and shattered windows.

There were no immediate reports of deaths or injuries. Thousands of residents and tourists had been ordered to evacuate homes and hotels along the Gulf of Mexico. In southern Texas, about 4,000 people spent the night in 14 shelters.

Sunnis suspend participation on committee; suicide bomber kills 10

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Sunni Muslim members on a committee drafting Iraq's new constitution suspended their participation Wednesday in the wake of a colleague's assassination, saying they need more security. A suicide bomber blew himself up outside an army recruiting center in central Baghdad, killing at least 10 people.

The suicide attacker detonated his explosives belt at the entrance to a recruiting center at Baghdad's defunct Muthanna airport, according to police and medical officials.

At least 21 people were wounded, said Dr. Muhannad Jawad from Yarmouk Hospital.

Army: Mental health among soldiers in Iraq has improved

WASHINGTON - The overall mental health of U.S. soldiers in Iraq has improved from the early months of the insurgency, with a significant drop in suicides, but a majority still say morale is low, the Army said Wednesday.

An assessment by the Army surgeon general found that among soldiers interviewed last fall in Iraq and Kuwait, depression, anxiety or acute stress was more prevalent among National Guard and Reserve soldiers, as well as regular Army soldiers in transportation units, than among soldiers in combat units.

The report, covering from late August to mid-October of 2004, was a follow-up on a similar assessment done a year earlier.

Georgian police detain suspect in Bush grenade toss

TBILISI, Georgia - Georgian police on Wednesday detained a man suspected of throwing a live grenade during a rally at which President Bush spoke in May, the Interior Ministry said. The capture came after a shootout in which one officer was killed and another wounded.

The shootout and detention occurred Wednesday evening in the village of Vashlisdzhvari, outside the capital, Tbilisi, ministry spokesman Guram Donadze told The Associated Press. The suspect fled into the woods but was later detained, Donadze said.

Rustavi-2 television showed pictures of a dark-haired man it described as the suspect being hustled into a car by police officers. It said he was wounded and identified him as Vladimir Arutyunov, in his

late 20s.

Aruba takes DNA from three held in missing teen case

ORANJESTAD, Aruba - Authorities have taken DNA samples from a jailed Dutch youth and two of his friends as investigators turn their focus to physical evidence in the case of a missing Alabama teenager, defense attorneys said Wednesday.

The samples were taken Tuesday, a day after investigators said they would conduct DNA tests on blond hair attached to duct tape that was found along Aruba's northeastern coast, in a possible break to the six-week-old disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

Germany honors Hitler coup plotters

BERLIN - German political and military leaders commemorated the unsuccessful attempt to kill Adolf Hitler 61 years ago, laying wreaths Wednesday at the former Nazi military headquarters where the plotters were executed.

Military chief of staff Gen. Wolfgang Schneiderhan and the supreme court president, Hans-Juergen Papier, laid wreaths at the Bendlerblock building, now the Defense Ministry, where the plotters were executed after their

plan to kill Hitler with a briefcase bomb failed on July 20, 1944.

Blair proposes conference on Islamic extremism

LONDON - Prime Minister Tony Blair said Wednesday he was considering calling an international conference on how to eliminate Islamic extremism following the London suicide bombings, while Britain's Muslim leaders demanded a judicial inquiry into what motivated the four ''homegrown'' suicide bombers.

Meanwhile, a Pakistani intelligence official said investigators there arrested a man that he said had direct links to the July 7 bombings that killed 56 people, including the four bombers.

- From wire reports