Prime minister: India a responsible nuclear partner

WASHINGTON - India is a resolute U.S. partner in the war on terrorism and a responsible nuclear power, India's prime minister told Congress on Tuesday as he promoted new nuclear cooperation between the two countries.

Manmohan Singh's remarks on nuclear energy cooperation drew the most attention, coming a day after President Bush, at a White House meeting with Singh, offered U.S. help in India's civilian nuclear program.

For the United States to help with India's civilian power program, Congress would have to approve changes in U.S. law. Objections are expected, given India's refusal to sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. India remains one of only four countries with nuclear weapons that have not signed the treaty.

Acura Integra tops 2004 most-stolen list

DETROIT - If you think your Acura Integra is fast and gorgeous, you aren't alone.

According to a report released Tuesday, the 1999 Acura Integra coupe was the most swiped vehicle in 2004.

The 2002 BMW M Roadster was No. 2 on the list and the 1998 Acura Integra was third. Other vehicles in the top 10 include the 1991 GMC V2500, the 2002 Audi S4 and the 2004 Mercury Marauder.

Retired Gen. William Westmoreland dies

CHARLESTON, S.C. - Years after the Vietnam War, retired Gen. William Westmoreland remained steadfast, proud of his command and of his support for a bigger military at a time when American casualties were mounting.

Westmoreland died Monday of natural causes at Bishop Gadsden retirement home, where he had lived with his wife, said his son, James Ripley Westmoreland. He was 91.

Suspect in triple slaying, kidnappings in Arizona arrested

PHOENIX - A man suspected in the abduction of his two children in Arizona and the killings of the youngsters' grandparents and an uncle has been arrested in Mexico, authorities said.

The children, 18-month-old Bryan Cervantes and 3-year-old Jennifer Cervantes, appeared to be unharmed and were in the custody of Mexican authorities, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said.

Their father, Rodrigo Cervantes Zavala, was arrested Monday afternoon near Puerto Vallarta in the Mexican state of Jalisco, authorities said.

Investigators had been searching for Cervantes Zavala since July 10, when the children were reported missing a few hours after the bodies of their mother's parents and brother were found in a home near Queen Creek, southeast of Phoenix.

Merck exec testifies in first Vioxx trial

ANGLETON, Texas - Merck & Co.'s marketing team targeted doctors viewed as unfriendly toward Vioxx to bring them into the fold, neutralize or discredit them, the plaintiff's lawyer in the nation's first Vioxx-related lawsuit to go to trial alleged Tuesday.

Houston litigator Mark Lanier questioned Nancy Santanello, head of Merck's epidemiology department, about an internal list of 36 doctors identified as ''physicians to neutralize'' in an e-mail circulated two months after the popular painkiller went on the market in 1999.

Santanello said the term ''neutralize'' was a marketing strategy to educate doctors about Vioxx.

Lawyer for 'dirty bomb' suspect: Put up or shut up

RICHMOND, Va. - A lawyer for Jose Padilla, an American accused of plotting to detonate a radioactive ''dirty bomb,'' went before a federal appeals court Tuesday and demanded the U.S. government either charge his client with a crime or set him free.

Padilla's lawyer, Andrew Patel, told a three-judge panel of the court, widely regarded as the most conservative in the nation.

Patel later told reporters that the government should ''put up or shut up - it's that simple.''

Padilla, a former Chicago gang member and Muslim convert suspected of being an al-Qaida operative, was seized in 2002 after flying from Pakistan to Chicago on what authorities said was a scouting mission for a plot to set off a bomb laced with radioactive material.

Authorities deport thousands of foreign child-sex offenders

WASHINGTON - Federal authorities have deported thousands of foreign child-sex offenders who were illegally in the United States over the past two years, the Homeland Security Department said Tuesday.

Additionally, Homeland Security investigations have led to at least 1,200 arrests in the United States and overseas on Internet child pornography charges, officials said.

- From wire reports