Iraqi government workers, police gunned down

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Gunmen killed at least 24 police, soldiers and government workers in Iraq on Monday, and an Iraqi general said about 50 suspected insurgents were captured in the first days of a new security operation in Baghdad.

The latest bloodshed occurred in a series of smallscale ambushes and shootings, as Baghdad received a respite Monday from the wave of suicide bombings that killed 22 people in the embattled capital the day before.

Britain criticized for not keeping tabs on suspect

LONDON - Criticism of the British government grew Monday over the revelation that at least one of the London bombers was investigated last year by MI5, the vaunted domestic intelligence service.

MI5 reportedly did not find Mohammad Sidique Khan - who was checked out in connection with an alleged plot to explode a truck bomb in London - to be a threat to national security and failed to put him under surveillance.

The Home Office, which speaks for MI5, declined to comment.

Typhoon lashes northeastern Taiwan; one dies

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Typhoon Haitang lashed communities along Taiwan's northeast coast Monday, as officials ordered schools, government offices and financial markets to close amid reports of the storm's first casualty.

Taiwanese media reported that rescue workers had recovered the body of a woman who was swept into a raging river in Taoyuan County, west of Taipei.

Torrential rains whipped through the capital Taipei starting just before daybreak, and powerful winds uprooted trees and dislodged billboards in the northern part of the island. The storm's full impact was due in the early evening when its eye was forecast to pass a point just south of Taipei.

Aruba to test hair to see if it belongs to missing teen

ORANJESTAD, Aruba - Investigators said Monday they will conduct DNA tests on blond hair attached to duct tape that was found along Aruba's coast to see if it came from Natalee Holloway in a possible break to the six-week-old mystery.

A park ranger found the duct tape while collecting trash Sunday on rocks at Boca Tortuga, an inlet near a series of caves on Aruba's northeast coast, said National Park Ranger Service spokeswoman Dilma Arends.

The hair will be sent to the Netherlands for DNA analysis, said police spokesman Edwin Comemencia.

- From wire reports