Lilburn vies for share of $350M grant

LILBURN - The Lilburn City Council began the process Monday of trying to get a share of the $350 million in federal transportation construction grants doled out by the Atlanta Regional Commission for improving transportation in metro Atlanta cities.

The grant program is part of the Livable Centers Initiative, which helps cities plan and implement redevelopment and revitalization of their city centers.

"The ARC has $350 million to promote mobility and livability in town centers," said council member Ken Swaim. "Hopefully we can collect some of that money and make the city even better than it is today."

Lilburn began the LCI process in 2002 and received a $75,000 grant to create a plan to improve transportation, parks, commercial as well as residential space, and an overall beautification process for the city. The council held both community and stakeholder meetings to come up with priorities and recommendations and approved a final plan in late 2002.

Since that time, the council has approved a Town Center Overlay District to beautify the central Lilburn area by providing architectural standards, landscape and streetscape criteria and special incentives for mixed residential and commercial developments. In the past year, the council has also completed more than $1 million city park improvements to bring more people to the downtown Lilburn area.

"We tried for this grant a year and a half ago, but we were just beginning the process," said City Manager Tom Combiths. "Now we have implemented the overlay zones, completed the park improvements and well under way on both the design and engineering of the Camp Creek Greenway. This will certainly make the city's application more competitive."

The city will submit the application next month and if awarded a grant, the city will be required to match 20 percent of the funds.

Lilburn council approves band shell usage policy

The Lilburn council also approved a usage policy for the city park band shell.

According to the new policy, the use of the band shell will be limited to Lilburn residents or businesses and limits use by organizations to only those with nonprofit status. A security deposit of $100 will be required all events must have free admission.

"This policy covers private events only," City Clerk Kathy Manor said. "Not those that are co-sponsored by the city."