Would-be thief has second thoughts

NORCROSS - A robber decided to return money he stole from a Norcross man Wednesday and even apologized to the victim, according to police reports.

The victim was getting into his car off Peachtree Corners Circle at 5:45 a.m. when a black male dressed in black clothing put a gun to his chest and said "give me the money." The victim handed over his wallet containing $5. The suspect asked for more money, and received about $4 in quarters from the victim's pocket.

The robber then asked for more money and told the victim "let's go to your house," police reports said. The victim replied "OK, but I work for money."

The suspect then apparently had a change of heart. He said "I'm sorry," gave the victim his money back and walked away.

Thieves deceive elderly woman

BUFORD - An elderly Buford woman was robbed Tuesday by two smooth-talking men who came into her house on Leather Street.

The 87-year-old victim told police two white men opened the front screen door to her residence at 7:15 p.m. and walked into her living room. One man introduced himself as the grandson of an acquaintance.

He claimed he used to live down the street several years ago and recently returned from the war. The suspect said he had a steel rod in his leg, and he asked for a glass of water to take a pill.

The other accomplice never spoke. While the woman was out of the room, the men stole several of her belongings. She didn't realize the thefts had taken place until the men left, police reports said.


Man charged with hitting girlfriend

WINDER - A man was arrested after he allegedly slapped his girlfriend after an argument over paying the electric bill.

Mickey Cooper, 40, of Winder, allegedly slapped his girlfriend, causing her to fall and strike her head on a heater, according to a police report.

Cooper told police he had been arguing with his girlfriend about the bill. He was charged with battery following the incident at 9:15 a.m. June 10.

Arrested man tries to escape

WINDER - A man who was being arrested for criminal trespass tried to escape in handcuffs, then told police he was going to knock his brains out.

Timothy Roberts, 20, of Oconee County, had been warned to stay off 132 Circle Drive earlier in the evening of June 20 when police were called to the address again at 11:15 p.m., according to a police report.

As police checked Roberts for weapons, the report said, Roberts fled the scene, wearing handcuffs. He got about 10 feet away before he was apprehended again, the report said.

Roberts, who told police that he had a couple shots and a few beers, said that he no longer wanted to live and attempted to stab himself in the arm with a pen once he was taken to police headquarters.

Roberts also tried several times to bang his head against the wall, and asked police to just go ahead and shoot him.

Roberts was taken to the Barrow Community Hospital, where he later apologized to police and said he wanted help, the report said.

Roberts was treated by the hospital staff, then released on citations.

- From staff reports