Helping someone less fortunate a nice tradition

It's the holidays and magic is in the air! It's a time to gather with family and friends, a time sit by the fire and tell Christmas stories. The Foster Children's Foundation's would like to share a couple of Christmas stories that we hope you will share with your family.

A Special Wish

I remember that day like it was yesterday, we were all going to meet Santa. The entire girl's dormitory of the orphanage was going. We waited and waited and finally Santa arrived. It was my turn to sit on his lap and I quietly whispered my wish in his ear. He gave me a Christmas stocking filled to the brim. I began looking at the wonderful treasures in my stocking; a 5-cent box of Crayons, a 10-cent coloring book, lots of penny candies and an apple. I was so excited that I forgot about my wish.

Just then, a bus drove up and out came a group of boys. It was the boys from the boy's dormitory at the orphanage. Much to my amazement, my three brothers were among them. I ran over and gave each of them a big hug. We showed each other what we got in our stockings, and we each traded one item so that we could keep the memory of the day forever. Santa knew my wish was to see my brothers, make sure they were alright and tell them I loved them. I'll always believe!

Kung Fu Angel

I asked my mom, "What are we getting for Christmas?" She just smiled and said you will find out and it will be the greatest gift you've ever received. When she said that, I knew it had to be the new Kung Fu figure that had just arrived at stores. I would be one of the first to have it. Christmas morning came and Santa had arrived right on time. He brought me the electric train I asked for, the engineer's hat and some other toys. Then my mom said, "We have one more gift for you to open." Excitedly, I tore open the package. When I opened the small wrapped box, there was a note in it. My mom said, "Read it out loud," so I did. The note read:

Dear Jordan, you are truly an angel. Your mother told me that you wanted a Kung Fu figurine for Christmas, but when she heard about my 6-year-old child's need for a heart transplant, without any hesitation, she said Jordan would want to help. She told me that you would rather take a little less and give a little more to help Jennie grow strong again. God bless you, Kung Fu Angel.

A big smile came across my face; I hugged my mom and said, "I would like to meet her someday."

Helping someone less fortunate became a wonderful holiday tradition at our house.

Our wish for you is that you have a very Merry Christmas, spend precious time with those you love and create memories that will last forever.

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