Late-night care facility to open

LAWRENCEVILLE - Gwinnett County's first late-night urgent care center will open in January as John Mason Primary Care expands its services.

Checking into the hospital emergency room, a costly and time-consuming endeavor, is currently the only option for Gwinnett residents seeking immediate medical attention after hours.

"We'd like to give emergency rooms relief and allow us to see folks that don't need to wait three hours," said John Mason, managing partner of John Mason Primary Care. He said hospitals will be able to focus on serious emergencies while his staff tackles the minor ones.

At the end of the business day John Mason Primary Care, located off McClure Bridge Road, will shift gears and transfer into an after-hours immediate care center, taking patients until midnight. The center will offer one doctor to patients at first, but through time Mason said he would like to see the center grow.

Patients will be treated at the clinic, but if any medical complications arise and transportation to a hospital is necessary there is one a half-mile up the road, Mason said.

"We agree that an urgent care center is needed in that area and we support anything that allows for greater patient access to get the level of care that they need," Gwinnett Medical Center spokesman Kyle Brogdon said.

Mason's fiance Jennifer Wilbanks, stole national headlines in May when she was reported missing shortly before their nuptials. She became known as "the runaway bride."