Seeing 'King Kong' worth the three hours

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3 stars

The movie hits its stride as they first approach Skull Island, home of King Kong. As expected, the special effects and CGI were amazing, but not distracting as with similar movies. Kong's movements and appearance are so realistic you develop an attachment with the giant ape. The emotion and depth of the character development was a plus, thanks to the superb cast. The main setback to the film was the length, which would have been remedied by cutting the opening and parts of several scenes. If you are willing to give up three hours, "King Kong" is worth seeing.

- Sean Ahern,


3 stars

Purely for entertainment value, I have to give "King Kong" three stars. It is a three-hour film, but the time passed surprisingly quickly. The first time I checked the time, there was only 10 minutes left.

There are three distinct parts to the movie, and each is fairly well-paced. It is definitely worth seeing in the theater because of the spectacular special effects. Some scenes look fake, but overall, the attention to detail is amazing in the forest, the creatures and the bugs. Some scenes with the bugs will make you cringe.

A few less than positive comments: Naomi Watts' wide-eyed, naïve close-ups get a bit tiring, the love scene between Watts and Adrien Brody comes out of nowhere, the ape's sensitivity to the "girl" happens too quickly, some scenes are too long and the skating rink scene toward the end is silly. Other than that, this is a fun way to spend three hours - just save your popcorn until about an hour into the movie; you'll be glad you did.

- Francine Benoit,


3 stars

Fellow movie-goer Jonathon Pearson told me, "It felt like I was watching an extended DVD version ..." of this film. There is no question that the action is amazing (especially Kong fighting with three T-rexes), but it took 70 minutes just to see Kong for the first time. Naomi Watts shined, Jack Black kept his megalomania reigned in just enough and Adrien Brody's subtlety was almost overwhelmed by the amazing special effects. There are several frightening scenes that may disturb younger viewers. Overall, Kong fans will enjoy the movie but might wish for about 40 fewer minutes.

- Jackie Hamilton,