Letters to the Editor

Let Christians have our holiday, please

Right of religion should not affect Christmas. In response to Sarah Nagy's recent letter ("Right to freedom of religion applies to Muslims, too," To the Editor, Nov. 18), the Bible claims Jesus to be God, so all religions are not the same and they all do not promote love and good wishes.

The Quran calls all Christians infidels. The Quran does not teach that Jesus is God, therefore, they do not worship the same God as Christians do. Christmas is a federal holiday and Dec. 25 was chosen to be the day that Christians would celebrate the birth of Christ. Dec. 25 was not to be called Winter Holiday, nor was it to be used to celebrate any other religion.

I do believe that all Americans should be free to have their own religion, but not on Dec. 25. I am sick and tired of all non-Christians trying to do away with God in America. I noticed that a lot of stores tell their employees not to mention Merry Christmas to any customers but they still like for us to buy Christmas gifts from them.

We also have a judge on the 9th Circuit that is trying to have God taken off all currency. How ridiculous. If he hates God so much, why doesn't he go to a non-Christian country and live there? If Christians in this country don't wake up and say enough is enough, we soon will be like other countries where people have to go in secret to have a Bible. But Jesus tells us in the Bible that Christians would be hated for his namesake.

- Carolyn Buckner