Man accused of domestic violence

•GRAYSON - An Iranian national was arrested on a battery charge Wednesday for allegedly beating his wife during an argument at their Swallows Walk home in Grayson.

The wife of 67-year-old Hassan Mahmoodi told police Mahmoodi became upset and started punching her in the head. When an officer questioned Mahmoodi about what happened, he said his wife had been disrespectful.

Mahmoodi was evasive about whether or not he had struck her, according to the report. When asked where her bruises came from, Mahmoodi said "she is my property and I can do with her as I want."

"I brought her to this country and she is mine," he reportedly said. The wife suffered substantial bruising to her face and arm, but did not require hospitalization.

She told officers she had been beaten before. However, she allegedly never called police because she had no green card and she feared her husband would send her back to Iran.

Man found sleeping at traffic light

•DULUTH - An Atlanta man was arrested Thursday after falling asleep at the wheel while allegedly driving drunk on Steve Reynolds Boulevard, a police report stated.

An officer encountered a Chevrolet cargo van stopped waiting to turn left onto Satellite Boulevard at about 2 a.m. The officer watched as the traffic light cycled from green to yellow to red, and the van did not move.

When he approached the vehicle, the officer saw that Felones Smalls Jr., 38, had fallen asleep with the van in drive and the engine running.

The officer had to shake Smalls to wake him, according to the report. An open bottle of Guinness beer was in the cup holder and Smalls allegedly smelled of alcohol.

He was charged with DUI, open container and having the wrong tag displayed on his vehicle.

Woman's husband steals her identity

•LAWRENCEVILLE - A newlywed Lawrenceville woman was hoodwinked by her mate into giving him $30,000 shortly before he disappeared and began using her identity to secure credit.

The victim, a 33-year-old woman, told police she met the suspect in Ohio and married him a short time afterward on Nov. 17, 2003. The man told her he was running a business and he needed more investment.

The victim reportedly borrowed $30,000 from a brother in Germany and sent it to her husband. Once he got the money, the man disappeared within three weeks, according to a police report.

The woman subsequently moved to Lawrenceville and got a divorce. Two months ago, she learned that her credit information had been used to open outstanding accounts. Police are investigating the incident, but no charges had been filed at the time of the report.

- From staff reports